event-sponsor1Chromozome Network was founded with the objective of event marketing and personalizing the process generating sponsorship by  co branding activities.

We believe that,“money saved during organizing events is Profit declared before the event”.

Hence,we try to cut major cost by Barter-Tie ups like Hoarding partner,Airline Partner,Hospitality Partner,Print Partner,Ground Transport Partner,Radio Partner,Drinks and Beverages Partner,etc.and also help raise maximum cash sponsorship simultaneously.

We are not a platform website for our clients, but a personalized service provider.

We personally take care of each and every individual project we register and help them raise Sponsorship.We have good connect with more than 2000 marketing professional and brand managers in India.

We send your event detail to them personally then discuss to convince.The team at Chromozome Network understands the importance of securing sponsorship at the right time.


There is always a questions asked to us that :-

  • How do we get sponsorship for your event ?
  • How do we approach companies for sponsorship?
  • What is the Guarantee that we would have raised Sponsorship ?
  • What if Sponsorship is not raised?